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Getting married? The amount of time, energy and money spent trying to create the perfect wedding can be overwhelming. Everything has to be just right.

At KIT Sound, we can relieve your stress when it comes to the music and entertainment portion of your big day. We work hard to keep the focus where it belongs, on YOU.

KIT Sound does not sell wedding "packages". Every wedding is as individual as the people involved. Your entertainment should be a reflection of you, not us.

The KIT Wedding Experience is what sets us apart.

  • Once your booking is confirmed, we do a personal site check of the wedding venue in order to evaluate potential logistical challenges;
  • As the big day approaches, you will meet with our Entertainment Specialist to map out the event. Timing of speeches, introductions and traditional first dances, together with appropriate accompanying music will be confirmed based on your needs and preferences;
  • On wedding day, our arrival time is scheduled to ensure everything is in place and all equipment tested before your guests arrive;
  • During the event we can keep things on track, as planned, but are flexible enough to allow scheduling and program changes as you direct;
  • Once the party starts, it becomes our job to keep it going and provide a fun and memorable experience for your guests. We know how to get your people up and dancing (and will only force them to do the Chicken Dance if you request it). We also know how to vary the music to keep them dancing;
  • All you need to do is revel in the moment and enjoy yourself.

For more information about The KIT Wedding Experience difference CONTACT US. You will be amazed at how much control you really do have over your wedding!

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